There is an ongoing battle with educating people on the difference between a good workout, and good workout that actually makes you better. I try to tell my clients that just because it hurts, or makes you tired doesn’t mean it’s a workout. If you do a thousand pushups, you’ll be tired, sure, but what has it done for you, exactly? Mostly, it’s given you what I like to call, an overuse workout. Doing the same thing over and over, without varying movement patterns will ultimately lead to an injury. One in which you’ll think comes from something else. It is a great personal trainer or fitness professionals job to teach their clients that this is NOT the way to achieve fitness. Move in different directions, do different things that encompass all muscles, all movement patterns and DECREASE your risk of injury. If you can’t move, you can’t get in shape, so what is the most important aspect of this? Mobility. Movement.