I am looking for 5 people to be test subjects for a few of my online programs. What I want to do is take these people, run through the programs, and post before and after results on the website. In order to do this, I will need a before picture from you, before measurements, weekly measurements and pictures during the program, a journal of food and thoughts on the workouts, and final pictures and measurements, ALL of which you will allow me to post online, along with your name, so there is some responsibility on your part. Here are the programs I am looking for people to do. The Killer Core Program- It’s a supplemental program in addition to your regular routine to really tighten and make your trunk strong throughout. The Ultimate Booty Program- This one is for anyone who really wants an insane lower body, especially the behind. The Ultimate At Home Workout Program- A whole program, based from your house, so people who don’t go to the gym, or people who can’t afford it, this one is for you. The 6 Week Fat Burning Plan- Literally to shed as much unwanted bodyfat as possible. The 4 week Six Pack Plan- Not for someone just starting out. I would like someone with a great base of fitness for this one. If you know anyone who may fit the bill for any of these programs, I will give them to them for FREE, but all pre-requisites must be met. share this on your page or send to whoever you think may be interested.   and message me on facebook or at tony@tonycress.com