From time to time (every day) I get a message on facebook about how to get a six pack, or how to get ripped, or someone going on a vacation and they want to look good in a bikini. If I answered every one of these questions, I would be homeless unfortunately, so I can’t. There are those that actually apply to a lot of people, so I try to take the time to answer those questions when I can. This is one of those times. Q: Mr.Cress, I’m a mother of 2 and I need to lose 50+ pounds. I have little to no income. I had 2 heart surgeries and I’m a smoker. Do u have any ideas that won’t cost a lot? I really want 2 lose this weight. Desperately Avoiding Dying A: Do you want harsh reality or sugar coating? I’m not very good at the latter, but I can tell you this. You NEED to quit smoking. The MINUTE you do, you gain levels and levels of health. Your blood pressure decreases, your lungs become healthier, and you begin to feel normal again. Start walking outside. Take short walks at first, and then make them longer, and faster. It’s free, and it works. You can do tons of exercises at home with no equipment, just your bodyweight. Squats, lunges, pushups on the wall, jumping jacks, knee raises, etc etc. just start doing them. That’s the first step. It’s not hard, just allot time to do them. Schedule them just like anything else you do. Hope that helps. Things are easier to do, when you schedule them out. If you make them part of your life, you are much more apt to stick with them. Make it non-negotiable. If you just WISH things would get better, more than likely, you’ll be stuck in the same place you are right now. Don’t just wish. Make the right moves to change your habits. Small steps to make big changes really do work.