I think I’m going to start making reviews of places like The Protein House. I went there today after a light workout, because a few people have told me about it. I decided to give in, and it was on my way back home, so why wouldn’t I? The Protein House is located right on Eastern Avenue in Las Vegas, about two minutes from the 215, so it’s pretty easy access for most of the Vegas valley. The atmosphere is pretty nice. It’s a quaint little spot, taking over a coffee shop that was there before it. Very clean and streamlined. But to be honest, I’m not there for that. I’m there for the food. And they delivered. The Protein House offers a variety of “lean meals” including steak bowls, chicken bowls, quinoa, and egg white specialties. I had the BBQ Chicken Bowl, and the Green Monster Juice. Although I wasn’t a HUGE fan of the juice, it was still decent for how much greens were in it. The Bowl on the other hand, I loved! It had just the right amount of bbq sauce and peppers, and was loaded with chicken. Definitely good value for 10 bucks. The juice was only 6, which is lower than most places you’ll find around town, and they have a few other options that based on the ingredients, would probably be much more palatable to you juice “newbies”. I think everyone should check this place out. It’s one of the healthier, if not healthiest option to date for Las Vegas, and they definitely allow you to customize meals. If you need 2.67 ounces of broccoli, 5.9 ounces of chicken, and 6 grains of rice, I’d be willing to bet they’d do it for you. Either way, check it out.