Hello fitness enthusiasts, people afraid of exercise, and people in between. I am going to make today’s post very short. I have a mission for you, and some of you may not come out alive. Some of you may not like it. Some of you may hunt me down after the mission and punch me in the gut. Well, I hope none of these are the case. Anyway. The mission is simply this. Do one thing different TODAY, that is positive towards your goals. Whether it is getting in an extra serving of vegetables, trying a totally new workout, just walking around the block for the first time, playing tag with your kids, saying no to that 2pm can of soda, cupcake, or candy bar, doing ten pushups every time your phone rings, or just STANDING when you take your phone calls, do that ONE thing, that’s different than what you normally do. Try and make that one thing, a HABIT this week. That’s all this post is about. Make small changes, to make big changes, over time.