I went on a bike ride today. I think it did me more good than just burning a few calories. I didn’t take an ipod. Ididn’t have a heart rate monitor on. I definitely didn’t have my cell phone on me. I just decided to ride through some of Las Vegas. Just me and my bike. Just me and my bike y’all. If you know that Biggie song, the previous sentence is funny. But here’s the deal. I was riding my bike, for the fitness aspect of it, yes. I do need to up my cardio a bit. But what I found, wasn’t that it was the fitness aspect of it I needed most. It was the mind clearing aspect of it. See, without my ipod, or cell phone or technology, I was able to actually think. I was able to enjoy my surroundings, and just ride. A few minutes into the bike ride, I didn’t care how many calories i was burning or how intense this workout was going to be. I just decided, that I wanted to ride my bike. So the lesson to be learned in this whole thing, is sometimes, you have to just do some things, that aren’t for fitness benefits. Just get out there and move. It reminded me that certain activities help you stay sane. Certain exercises free your mind. This is just as important as getting your six pack, or losing those last few pounds of body fat. So go back to your childhood, and do something fun. Not just for fitness or exercise, but because you want to. You’ll notice that you’ll get some great benefits physically, and you’ll be more apt to stick with it, if it’s some kind of release for you.