Read the title. Yeah. I asked that question. I think it’s a good one. Being a personal trainer, I have run into many people, fit, and unfit, in shape, and a mess. Now, visually, you can’t always tell who these people are. And this is where my question comes from. Take Glen Davis of the Boston Celtics. If you saw this guy, you would think he’s a overweight, and needs a little exercise. Except he is in one of the most physically demanding jobs in professional sports. The guy is probably in better physical condition than I am. He probably has a higher level of fitness than me, so why does he look like that? Well, some people are missing one component of fitness. He might not watch what he eats at all, but he exercises all out daily. I do not. But I watch what I eat. you put me in that same basketball game, and I’m probably gassed by the end of the first half. I’ll give you another example. When I first started out training, I worked with an aerobics instructor who taught classes, literally ALL day. About 8 classes a day. She did the classes with everyone too. Now, I will say, she was not ripped by any means. You wouldn’t look at her and say, “Hey, I bet she just does step classes all day long!” Well, she could still run all of us into the ground. The point I am trying to get across here is just because someone looks fit, doesn’t mean they are. And just because someone isn’t concerned with their weight, doesn’t mean they are out of shape. Ya feel me?