You would love to know the fastest way to burn fat. Everyone with excess body weight would. Personal Trainers across the country would. your mom probably wants to know, your girlfriend, or your husband probably does too. The thing is, every one of you actually knows the answer. You are just all being a little bit protective of your egos, because if you actually admitted you knew the answer, you would seem like you are a lazy, lazy animal, and no one takes kindly to being called lazy, I don’t care how fat you are. But when it’s a fact, sometimes you have to face up to it. For example, let’s take right now. Today is Easter Sunday, and I’m sure a chocolate bunny or some peeps are in store for you. That’s OK, but what about all day long? What will you have to eat? Here is the answer to the topic of the post. The food choices you make, are really, the fastest way to burn fat. Problem is, no one wants to admit that, because most people want to eat what they want to eat, and then say they can’t get rid of that weight they want to lose. Most people do not want to own up to the fact that the reason they are holding on to weight they want to lose, is solely, their own fault. The food and supplement industry, frankly, confuse the crap out of most consumers, with all their marketing, but EVERYONE knows, that fruits and vegetables are what you need to eat, and most people don’t eat enough of them, unless they are fried, or buried in butter. No one wants to blame themselves for being fat, and continuously staying fat, they want to blame their trainer, their job, or their surroundings, but not the fact that if they just decided to eat more fruits and vegetables, in their original state, the body fat would just drop right off. Who has ever gotten fat off of raw spinach and apples? This really isn’t news to anybody, as everyone knows that plants are the healthiest food on earth. People just don’t want to take responsibility. The fastest way to burn fat, is to TAKE that responsibility, and actually start eating fruits and vegetables. Everything else will fall into place.