Why am I watching people Deadlift? I already know how to do that, right?

We all see a movement and THINK we’ve got it covered.

In classes, I may be explaining am exercise that I’ve already demoed, and I’m still talking and people are already doing the exercise.

This signals to me that they are no longer listening to instruction and actually will probably execute the movement with A LOT of parts missing.

The reason I’m here, is so I can continue to learn the parts people are missing.

Some examples:

-when you Deadlift, are you trying to break the bar or the kettlebell apart with your hands?

-what are your feet doing? Are they wedging into the ground?

-where are your eyes? Do they look on the horizon or down to the ground?

-what is your neck doing? Is it bock bock bocking like a chicken or does it have a subtle,smooth movement?

-what’s going on with your shoulders? Are they rounded or are they pulled back, traps away from your ears, shoulder blades squeezing?

-how’s your lower back? Just because you saw some powerlifter who has much more integrity in his spine than you round that lower back doesn’t mean it’s good for you, the health conscious, normal citizen.

-the hips. What is the action they are producing? Slightly down and back or just down?

These are just a few things you should check off in a Deadlift or even in a kettlebell swing.

How often do you check those things any rep after the first? Or… Even the first