The limelight. Show Muscles. Admiration. Functionality. These are things people look for when they start a workout routine. Everyone wants the results of a workout routine.

Society has told us the equation is simple; work out, and kind of pay attention to how you eat, and you should see results. Intelligent people know that’s not exactly the right equation, but still a massive amount of them would love to live otherwise.

“Everybody wants to be a star, but who wants to work like one?”

This pretty much sums up the results you’ll get. What you see when you look at stars in any industry, we see the peak of what they are doing. It is very rare that people acknowledge the back end work that is being done to put that particular star in that position. There is preparation, late nights, intensive practices, and fine tuning of EVERYTHING.

Steph Curry isn’t just lucky. He puts up HUNDREDS and thousands of shots a day to be the best shooter in The NBA. He watches film during the day, goes to practice, then works on his shot AFTER practice. He trains with a trainer, and then puts up MORE shots.

For the goals you have, are you doing the equivalent of what Steph Curry does?