Is this typical for you more than once a week? If it is, I can almost guarantee you aren’t getting the fitness results you want. A burger and fries is not doing you any favors. I understand that we “love food”, though. I also understand that you aren’t going to only eat plants. So, what can you do? 1st, understand that this is a meal to have SPARINGLY. Not twice a week or more. Let’s pretend that you eat 3 meals a day. If you have this 2 times a week, that’s 2/21 meals. I’m going to guess if you are having this twice a week, your other meals aren’t tuna, mustard and kale. So the problem lies in that 10% of your meals are cheeseburgers and fries. Add into that some less than ideal meals throughout the week, and you are probably looking at upwards of 50% of your food that is not HELPING you. If you would rather live for your taste buds, that’s one thing. But if your taste buds and lack of control are inhibiting your health, why are you letting them?