Let’s get obsessed with execution and control of a movement before we get obsessed with the speed of it! The money (muscle) lies in the work being done by the muscle, not by getting the exercise done. Often times we just want to be “done” with an exercise, so we rush through it, further minimizing the effectiveness of your effort. If you want the movement to work IN your favor, fall in love with everything about HOW to do the exercise. We keep talking about it in class how putting the onus on your joints and ligaments does nothing but increase the risk of injury. Learning how to make your muscles do the work is how you get paid back from your workout. Here’s the deal, though… It’s much more challenging! You’ll have to ask yourself; “Do I want to do 20 of these and get it over with, or do I want to do 20 of these that help me get stronger? Do I want to be effective and efficient with my time, or do I want to just say I worked out? Do I want to be done or do I want to get more out of my workout?”