December has 31 days in it and only ONE is a national holiday (don’t quote me). You could have this be the most productive month of the year, or it could be the month that sets you back for the entirety of 2023.

Are you going to be active in December? Could you potentially get a jump on 2023 in this month?

This month can be the deciding factor on if you get another year older and a little bit more unhealthy OR if you decide to have a little bit of composure and direction and increase your quality of life.

You are either getting better or you are getting worse with each decision you make this month, and every poor decision makes it harder and more challenging to get back on the “right” track. People don’t like talking about that, or to me because sometimes I am this harbinger of reality, but if people like me don’t do it, we’ll fade into the multiverse of consumption of media that means nothing, food that serves nothing and health that doesn’t actually exist.

If you keep making the decisions you make right now, is that bringing you towards your goals or away from them? Are the choices you are making causing more inflammation or less inflammation? Are you getting BETTER sleep or worse sleep? Do you have MORE energy or less energy? Do you like how you look naked MORE or less than yesterday and the day before and telhe day before that? Are you STRONGER today because of your choices, or is what you are doing slowly turning you into a weak, frail individual?

Your choices matter. What you do this month MATTERS. Just because society is convincing you to “relax, watch football, go to holiday parties and buy stuff” doesn’t mean your health is going to be put on pause and be ok with it.

Choose Health. What a buzzkill, huh? Me coming in here and asking you to choose things that actually improve your life and not things that are going to give you the illusion that they do😉

Instant gratification is a bastard.