This is not about exercise today. It’s about mental well being… kind of. I guess I’d like to ask a question. What are you doing DIFFERENT than other people in your industry to make sure you are not an “average” person in your industry? Maybe you aren’t doing anything different and you ARE average in your respective industry. That’s ok, if you want to be average, run of the mill (insert occupation). But what if you don’t want to be average? If you want to be considered one of the best (insert occupation) in your town, city, or region? You need to do more than the average person. So again, I ask, what are you doing DIFFERENT than the average person in the same field as you?

I like to think that for myself, one of the things that I do to separate myself from the rest of the mix is that I am ALWAYS working on more education. I like to always be learning something in the form of another certification, a new modality of training or research articles on different fitness organizations websites. I’m trying to stay a couple beats ahead of other people in my industry by investigating new exercise tools, and figuring out what is going to stick and is useful, and what is a trend. Another thing I do is make informational Instagram and youtube videos, to where I have a library of content that will show people I know what the eff I’m talking about. I generally go to 4 workshops or seminars a year, and belong to various education companies monthly memberships to keep up with their information. One of the other things I do, is read psychology books to help me better understand my clients.

So, what do you do to show people you aren’t a run of the mill (YOUR JOB HERE)? Or, maybe you are perfectly fine being average. That’s ok. It’s just that I’m not that.