We have a TRAINING CENTER at TCTC.  We develop programming that not only makes sense, but is organized, progressive and trackable, so that when a 4 or 6 week phase is over, you can:

-view the plan
-track your workouts
-make adjustments throughout the phases
-see if you are progressing over the training phase
-compare over the life of your fitness career
-make appropriate changes to actually get results
-increase movement quality to become #stronger and capable to move more often

Are we everyone’s cup of tea?  Nope.  But the way we practice in the gym allows us to help people who don’t just want to #sweat for the sake of sweating.  Is there room for that in your routine?  Sure,  but we’d like to give you the most bang for your buck, which doesn’t necessarily mean killing you every time out.  We mix in recovery strategies, along with stretching, mobility, and balance to build a pretty resilient human that can move for the duration of life.

We do like to push you, but in a way that makes sense.  We aren’t just throwing random workouts out there for you to try, they are there with an actual purpose in mind.

If you do have a reason to train that isn’t just to sweat, ask yourself if your workouts represent that.