Your Diet,is not working. I could end this post at that, but let me tell you why I won’t. Being a personal trainer in Las Vegas has it’s ups and downs, and most of the people here, are very particular about their looks, and a lot of that is what keeps us in business. A lot of the questions I get asked by clients, naturally have to do with food and diet. The last word I hate. By original definition, a diet is not temporary. Somewhere in this world, among supplements and fads, diets have become temporary. Whether you do any of the well known diets, The Zone, Atkins, South Beach, Dukan, Ideal Protein, Blood Type, and on and on and on, usually it’s temporary. They tell you to eat these limited foods for a certain amount of time, and then scale it back, eat less restrictive, and if you aren’t seeing results after that, go back to their restrictive ways. Does that make sense to you? It doesn’t to me, but society has allowed that to be a normalcy. But, we as a society are also fat, so maybe there’s a reason to this. Or maybe diets are the reason we are fat. Everyone is thinking this quick fix, whatever new diet is in the news, is the best way to lose weight. How about this. Why not try to eat healthy all year round? Not for the pool season, not for a wedding, but just to be in shape, all the time. That way, you are never in a rush for anything, and you can always tweak your actual daily diet if you REALLY need to. Most of these diets are trying to sell you something. It might be a book, it might be a supplement, or a whole host of supplements, saying theirs are the best, because of x, y, and z. Studies have shown, blah blah blah. Who do you think paid for those studies to come out the way they wanted? That company that is trying to sell you their stuff, that’s who. So before you buy into a diet, ask yourself, what are they trying to get ME to buy? If there is anything at all, then more than likely, you won’t be on that diet for long. Is Your Diet Working?