HCG. Anyone who has anything to do with weight loss has heard of it. Personal trainers, nutritionists, people just trying to shed unwanted pounds. It is definitely a hot topic. But along with HCG, there are a multitude of other “nutrition plans” on the market. I’m sure in your area of the world there are plans like this, just like there are in Las Vegas. Usually these plans aren’t much of a “plan” at all. They all involve restricting calories, which, to a point is ok. Then they all tell you to ingest their own product or “food”. Now, right off, to me, sounds fishy. Let’s take HCG for example. The common practice is to either inject yourself or take drops under your tongue, with the HCG. But under this program, you also limit your daily caloric intake to about 500 calories. I take in an average of 3500 calories a day. Without HCG do you think I might lose some weight eating only 500 a day? But NO.. They say it’s the HCG that is important here, not the fact you are basically going on a starvation diet. But you need to pay for the HCG, so that’s how they get you. Any of these other “diets” do basically another form of the same thing. They come out with their own nutrition product, so they can charge you some fee, to tell you not to eat very much. Smart move by these companies. You ever hear people say, “Oh, no thank you. I’m on a diet.”? Well, that to me is a funny statement. Usually the people on a diet, eventually have to go on a diet again at some point. It shouldn’t be a temporary thing. Most people I know who have done HCG, have done it more than one time. Which also means they paid more than once. And that, my friend, is how these companies make money. They know the fix isn’t permanent, and if you rely on their method, you’ll be back for more eventually. It puts you in a nasty habit of that diet roller coaster. If people would learn how to eat, and actually go on a REAL plan, one in which no one makes money off of food you eat except the farmers. Let’s face it. If it’s not a lifestyle habit, and you have to do it more than once, it probably doesn’t really work. It’s a better idea to learn to take in the right amount of foods over time and then learn how to maintain a consistent nutrition program with your bad meals from time to time. I also know in this day and age, we are all about quick results, weddings three weeks away, bikini season, etc. But like they say, patience is a virtue. When you develop that trait, the rewards are much more satisfying. Look elsewhere for your diet fix. Not HCG, or anything you have to pay for, unless it’s a farmers market.