I can’t cook. Seriously. But i do figure out ways to eat healthy with my un Rachel Ray like skills. I can get by on a lot of lemon pepper on my chicken and rice, and some chili sauce on my brown rice or quinoa. Sometimes I’ll even bake sweet potato fries (precut of course). I will never be the casserole king. I possibly, even if time allows, will never write a recipe book. You will never see me on the food channel showing you how to make pretty chocolate desserts in under an hour that taste amazing, and look like boquets of flowers. I’ll tell you this. I have honestly no idea how to make healthy food taste like it’s unhealthy. If I did, I’d be pretty rich. But this blog today isn’t about cooking. It’s about the opposite. I’ve been watching a lot of food documentaries late at night before I go to bed. Some talking about food curing cancer, some talking about how the pharmaceutical and chemical companies basically run the food industries. Stuff that most people don’t care about. But it got me thinking. None of us REALLY know what is put in the food we eat. Especially things that aren’t just one ingredient. We all know an apple is an apple. But what exactly is a microwave dinner. What’s in that? have you ever read the ingredient list? It’ll say sweet and sour chicken, but there will literally be 75 ingredients. What are those ingredients doing to your body? I have decided to do an experiment with myself. Crazy I know. But I like being a scientist. So in order to know exactly what I am putting in my body, I am deciding to eat only raw, organic foods for the next month. This should be interesting. I may or may not modify this. If I lose ten pounds in the first week, I’ll be adding chicken to the plan. This is going to be extremely interesting since I rely on zipfizz a lot. So no whey protein shakes, no cooked foods, no zipfizz. I’m going to try to journal each week and see how I feel and let you know the effects of it all, so this should be interesting. Your beloved Rachel Ray would probably not approve of this mostly fruits and veggies plan, but I don’t care. If you are interested in becoming weird like me, there are a few documentaries you should watch. Food Matters is probably the most influental out of all the ones I have watched. Food Inc. is a must see. The Beautiful Truth is a great documentary about food being the cure for cancer, and The Gerson Miracle is another good one. I’ll be updating soon. Wish me luck.