This is why I will not join ClassPass. I understand it’s a GREAT deal for consumers, but for the local business like myself, and others, they are actually promoting being the opposite of loyal. For less than the price to being committed to a particular gym, you can sample all gyms, or even pay someone else to go to the gym you love, and that particular gym gets a fraction of what they would otherwise. It’s the AirBnB of Fitness, except the particular studio owners get screwed. Not a fan, but I understand how consumers would be. “I get to work out anywhere, and not have to make a commitment.” Usually commitment is what helps you attain goals… just saying. But you’ll argue that you save money this way. It comes at a cost to the studios you know and love:) Class Pass makes all the profit, while your local studio struggles because they are getting more members, yes, but at less than half the revenue. Thanks, but no thanks. This is kind of what it’s like.