I never understood why people decide that December they are going to stop working out. They don’t officially say that they are going to stop working out, but their actions say it. I’m a personal trainer, and we can see right through peoples excuses. I get that your work has a Christmas party every year, or that your family LOVES to bake bad food. I get it. But why on earth would you justify not working out, BECAUSE you are doing other “bad habits”? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Most people work out, so they can eat what they want, in general. Even more so during the holidays. Either way, I don’t understand it. If you eat like crap, and don’t work out, you’ll get fat. If you eat like crap, and work out, you will be stronger, but you’ll also get fatter. Those are truths. They are unfortunate truths, but truths nonetheless. Now that we know a little bit about how this all works, let’s get down to business. It’s time to nut up, and start working out again. Don’t wait until Monday, don’t wait until New Years. What’s the point of that? A “fresh start”? A fresh start, is starting, regardless of the date, or time of the week. Get off your butts, and start doing it NOW. Today. I have a favorite saying I saw on someones facebook page. I think it was from Nike, but anyway, it’s “Yesterday you said Tomorrow”. That is exactly the thinking that keeps us, and makes us fatter, less fit, and decreasingly healthy. Saying “I’m going to start working out/juicing/eating better/paying attention to my health/studying/loving my children/taking more time for myself/etc tomorrow” doesn’t help you get better today. Tomorrow is ALWAYS going to be tomorrow if that’s the way you think. It can’t be like that. We need to address our current situations now, and act on them NOW, if we expect to change. Otherwise, it’s just wishful thinking, and will always be wishful thinking. It’s time to step it up, and take responsibility for who we are, and who we become. There will never be a prouder moment than when you can say, “I did this. Where I am now, is because of the work I’ve put in, and the dedication I decided to have”. Let’s get on this people. It’s time that we all become better. Let’s enjoy our lives, and make them the best we can!