I got an interesting question on my facebook, so I am deciding to share it here, in hopes that more people will read it, because this applies to a vast majority of the population. So, here you go. Tony, I have a challenging question for you. As a Christian Pastor I get asked this question alot, and even more now with so many people out of work. The question is; Pastor Brandy, I want to eat healthy and feed my family health. But where do I go to buy food I can afford? I hate that Walmart has a pack of 24 frozen pancakes for under $4. But when I try to replace that meal with good quality health food the amount of money per plate is so much I cannot afford it. Our health is more important to me than money, but our money does not go very far. What kind of items can we get from these cheap super stores that will be healthy for myself and my family? As a Pastor, who does not lie, my answer is always the same. I will some day learn that answer for you. Meanwhile, as you pray over your meal, ask God to give you and your family the health and nutrients your bodies need, and ask that your body will dispose of the waste in the foods you have to eat to survive. Can you help? And here, is my answer. Brandy, The first thing I would do is ask if any of their family suffers from health problems. If the answer is yes, then you can say you actually save money by buying healthy food. Medical bills are no joke, even if you have insurance. the second thing I would say, is those $4 pancakes, are not food at all. They are a food like product. you aren’t giving your body nutrition that it needs by buying those pancakes, you are basically tricking your body, through the science of preservatives, artificial ingredients, and the like, that you are satiated. Which in fact, you aren’t. None of what those “pancakes” provide, is what you need. the chemicals in them have told your brain you are satisfied, when your body will claim otherwise, and you will see it, through weight gain, health problems etc. These products will give you calories, but not nutrition. Hippocrates said it best. “Let food be thy medicine.” FOOD, good, quality, fresh, whole food, will in fact, SAVE you much more money than you could ever imagine. Look at an ingredient list. If you can’t pronounce whatever is in it, is it really food at all?