Happy Friday!
I felt the need today, to let you guys know a little something about the state of fitness, that you may or may not realize applies to you.  You see, we’ve been so convinced by marketing and social media that the way to our ultimate fitness is to compete with others, against a rep count and do the most creative and arbitrary exercise combinations known to man. We’ve been convinced that we should skip Step 1 through 19 and go right to 20, without having the knowledge or skill to do anything before it.
We’ve been brainwashed to think that going to a class with 50 people in it will somehow make us better at being fit, and that since it’s our own body, we already are assuming that we can move it the way it’s intended… even though we haven’t moved it that way since we were kids.  In that group of 50 we are exercising with, we’ve let our ego decide we are going to compete with the “fittest” people in class, and try to keep up with THEM.  We don’t want to look like a beginner or that we aren’t masters at exercise, so we’ve learned to compromise movement quality for a number of pounds or a certain amount of repetitions.  We’re so afraid of NOT being able to do something in a group, that we “fake” doing that very thing we can’t do, instead of progressing to gaining the ability to do it (pushups for example).
We shy away from hard work and focus, because we’d rather stay out of shape, or believe what we are doing is “good enough” because we don’t want to put in the effort to get the results we’d love to have.  We want everything to be quick, and we want results NOW.  That’s why you see all these challenges that provide you with a very low calorie meal plan and intense exercise… You’ll see results immediately, but not ones you can stay with for very long.  We LOVE the immediate impact something like that has on us, and we’re falling into the trap that specific system creates.  It wants to cash in on your need for immediate results and bypassing “The Process”.
In a society that wants instant results, high intensity workouts that last 10 minutes, and automatic everything, we need to realize what is happening.  More injuries occurring, less people actually getting results with supplement industries and big gyms making one hell of a profit out of people not showing up, or doing the work.  They are selling hope and status, neither of which actually produce anything.  That’s the point of this post.  We are taking a step forward in giving you the knowledge and direction to be in total control of your health.  Although it’ll take effort on your part, we’ll TEACH you everything you need in order to not only reach your goals, but KEEP them.
At TCPT, we are going to be changing a few things around in the coming weeks.  The way you work out will be a new, unique experience you get NOWHERE else in Las Vegas.  With our small studio, we have the ability to focus on each and every one of you, and education will be paramount in the transformation of what you consider “fitness”.  It’ll be a shift in your mindset of what a workout IS, but this will in time, give you results that weren’t even possible the way your were working out before.
I can’t wait to get you into the NEW frame of mind, that you’ll keep forever.  It’ll change your life, and you’ll never look back.