We all have seen The Biggest Loser. The show on TV that basically tells the general public losing 20 pounds in a week is normal. Yeah, well, it’s not. Losing 5 pounds a week isn’t really normal or healthy either. Think about your current state of health. Are you overweight? If the answer is yes, by how much? If you are 20 pounds overweight, how long did it take you to gain those 20 extra pounds? A week? Have you ever tried to gain 20 pounds in a week? How about 5, even? How long did it take you to gain 5 solid, consistent pounds? Not pounds that come and go, but pounds that stick. I am willing to bet more than a week. Possibly even a month. My point is, why, if it took you a while to gain that extra weight, do you THINK it can healthily come OFF in comparatively light speed amounts of time? Now ask yourself another question. If you watch The Biggest Loser, would you watch it, if these people lost on average, 2 pounds a week? I bet that answer is no. They rig the show to have dramatic results, not real life, or real attainable results. Plus, ask any of those people losing massive amounts of weight quickly what their skin looks like. Anyway, take this home. Your should be gradual, not instant. you need a plan physically, mentally, and nutritionally. Don’t think diet, think PLAN. Think Lifestyle. The Biggest Loser, is NOT your weight loss plan.