Just got done with rehearsal at Delgado Dance Studio in Las Vegas. Time to write another workout post. Ok. So at Delgado, I was watching lots of partner dancing in between us practicing the new opening routine for American Storm. So I thought to myself, how can i incorporate that into personal training? Well, i already have, it’s basically just partner fitness training. This is where 2 people share a personal training session. And today, let’s talk about some of the benefits of this. Ok. One of the first benefits of partner training, is that you have another person to enjoy the pleasure/pain with you that goes along with the workout. If there is someone there who is working with you, you will not only feel more comfortable, but you’ll also work harder. Now a little competition has entered play. Let the games begin. Number 2. The cost of training goes down significantly. If there are 2 people in the session, usually you are paying about 25% less than you would pay with a normal session. Due to the economic times of today, this may be the best option for you if you are looking for a personal trainer on a budget. A third benefit of partner training, is accountability. A lot of the people i run into, make excuses for everything. They are too busy at their job, they hurt their leg, their dog is pooping all over the place. Now, how many of those excuses are you going to make, if you are training with someone, who is counting on you to be there? Generally the price of the session is fixed, so if you skip out, you leave the other partner hanging, with the whole bill. That’s not gonna sit pretty with anyone. So, to advance in your fitness, sometimes you need a little boost. Partner training may be just what you need to bring your exercise goals to fruition. Or, at least it will give you someone who will empathize with you when i make you throw up from mountain climbers.