Are you not seeing results in your quest for fitness and a better body? Most people would look at their diet first, which is a likely culprit. But let’s say it isn’t your diet that is the issue. You have cut out sugars, started eating mainly vegetables and lean protein, and make it clean clean clean. If that’s the case, we have to start looking elsewhere. All signs point to the gym. But wait. You go to the gym. It can’t be that, can it? you go to your boot camp classes 3 days a week, do cardio on your own, and seem like you live there. Why aren’t you seeing results dang it? Well, how hard do you work, when you go? Do you see your friends and now think it’s social hour, and focus on catching up rather than getting the best possible workout in that hour that you can? What exactly do you do? Can you say that at the end of the workout, you put forth the most effort you can, or the most effort out of anyone in class? If you are using class or your workouts as a time to catch up with your friends, you aren’t really getting the full benefit of that workout. Of course it’s a social thing, because for example, in our classes, it’s kind of like a family, but when that buzzer goes, and you are supposed to be working out…. WORK OUT! There are breaks in most classes, you can catch up on those breaks, but when it’s time to go, give it all you got. That’s where most people screw up. you see those people on the treadmills, going at 2 miles an hour. you see those people in the free weight section, using 5 pound dumbbells when they should be using 15. So point is this. If you can step it up, step it up!