I have All Star Clients at Tony Cress Personal Training. I don’t think I say it enough. They know sometimes I’m stuck in the gym all day long, and bring me juice, and food, and their personalities. They bring their awesome kids around, who challenge me to races and games, and they just rock, period. Sometimes we take that for granted as trainers, because part of it’s a business, but I think there is also a part of the whole situation that is just personal relationships. My clients are not good, but GREAT people. It’s a blessing to have them as my clients, because I know they want to not only do well for themselves, but they want others to do well as well. They understand it isn’t just about what the scale says. It’s about moving better to FEEL better, and that helps you LOOK better. They buy in to the knowledge that I have to share, and aren’t closed off in their philosophies. They don’t buy into the trends, but develop healthy, long lasting habits. They help others stay on track, and help out giving suggestions to help people reach their goals. They become friends with one another, and invite new clients to join the “family”. Sometimes people get intimidated joining a new gym because the people in the gym are going hardcore, or all seem to be in shape. Usually those clients are the ones who stick with it, and are reaping the rewards of that. Those very same clients, help others overcome the hump, to get them to their peak of health. I appreciate them for that. I don’t know how many of my clients know it, but them believing in what I do, helps others believe, and that is just as important as me spitting out that knowledge. So, for that, my clients… my friends, I appreciate you.