How well rounded is your health program?

What is your fitness like? Do you strength train, stretch, do mobility, work your heart rate, balance, jump, throw, hop, bound, brace, crouch, reach, push, pull, lift heavy weights, lift light weights, lift slow, lift fast, lift in odd positions, lift up and down, lift forward and backwards, get up and down off the floor and PLAY?

Do you recover well from your fitness? Do you practice breathing patterns? Do you meditate? Do you get enough well rested sleep? Do you foam roll, work on tissue hydration, use vibration technology, get enough blood flow in your tissues, decrease stress, and give yourself alternatives to high intensity workouts?

Do you fuel your body appropriately? Do you get enough micronutrients, eat fruits and vegetables, get enough muscle building protein, and stay away from foods that can increase mortality and chronic health issues?

Do you have an environment and community of people who are supportive in your journey to living a healthy life? Do you manage stress well, spend time with people who love you? Do you get outside and enjoy fresh air and sun?

Do you simulate your brain in a way that helps it to remain healthy? Do you read? Do you do puzzles? Do you have thought provoking conversation?

These are just some questions in my brain.

As always, congratulations if you read this far.

I appreciate you.