I’m sitting here at the IDEA Fitness Conference and Amy Purdy, who won the inspiration award, said something that kinda shook me. If you don’t know her, she’s a double amputee that win a bronze medal in the Olympics and 2nd Place on Dancing With The Stars. She was saying how at 35 years old, she was in the best shape of her life after dealing with bacterial meningitis and losing her kidneys, hearing in one ear, and both legs. She said she finally realized if you support your body, it will support you.

Brings us to the question. How are you supporting your body? Do you give it 24/7 support? Is support only open 3 days a week, or maybe just from 9-5 on the weekdays and closed on the weekends?

If you are only kind of giving it support, it’ll kind of be OK… maybe. What kind of customer service do you give your body? You trading it right? You only get to reap the rewards if you are great at customer service.

If you aren’t giving your body much support, what then ARE you doing for it…or against it?

How much support are you giving your body? That’s the question. If you support your body, it supports you.