We all have our hang ups and sometimes they seem insurmountable. But how you change isn’t by staring at the whole problem and sulking. You have to GET UP and do SOMETHING. Bit by bit. Little by little.

Your problems won’t go away in a day. You probably won’t reach your goals in a week. But when you see just an ounce of progress, that may be enough to keep you going. When your goal is to lose weight, but you start to feel better first, that is a sign that it’s working!

In our microwave society, we look at massive problems and then try to get rid of them as quickly as possible, even though they were born out of longtime, misguided HABITS. When we can understand that those habits need to be replaced with different habits to fix our perceived problem, THEN we will be on the right track.

If you only have a month to fix a problem that was created in a constant 10 years, how well will that go? Small, new habits can, over time, help establish a new self that is in line with your goals and who you want to be.

We should understand that we don’t pound massive problems with a rock hammer. Andy Dusfresne chipped away every night to change his life in Shawshank Redemption (if you haven’t seen it, go watch it RIGHT NOW).

Moral of the story, do something every day to fall in line with what it is you WANT for your life. Shotguns don’t work when the goal isn’t in range.