Quite an interesting title, yeah? But you thought I was a personal trainer, didn’t you? I don’t see myself as a “personal trainer”. I see myself as an artist, that happens to paint in “exercise”.

What i do, most people don’t understand. And i think as the years go by, i finally ‘get’ that. It takes people some time to understand WHY they would do exercises in their warm up that don’t necessarily get their heart rates into the upper levels and seem to be having them laying on the ground a lot more than they have previously experienced with working out. Art takes looking at things from a different perspective, and if you are only looking through the lens of what your dominant culture has put in front of you, you may miss the whole point. What you may see as a waste of time through one lens, may show you the whole world’s answers if you look through another.

It wouldn’t be nice of me to NOT apply that concept to what I do with exercise in this blog post, so here you go. Most fitness routines will have you think that you need to get to your max heart rate, push reps to failure and hoist a ton of weight. Those, from time to time are all great in an exercise program, but if that’s all you do, you are missing all the art in your own exercise. The “art” is understanding to do all those things, one must have control over the body that is tasked with those demands. If the is no control, is there really a “max lift”?

I like to think of what we do as a more complete sculpture than what you’d get anywhere else. Sculptures you see from other places may LOOK the part, but when you get up close, or really inspect the features, there’s just something missing. That fine detail, those features that really bring the piece together, are not there. What happens after that, the art doesn’t last, and it can’t be preserved or displayed the way it was intended to be shown.

I understand that most people WILL NOT be in tune with this post, but unfortunately, art isn’t for most people. It’s just for the ones who want to understand more, and feel more alive.