I have about 30 minutes of weight training throughout this quarantine.  I’ve done all bodyweight mainly for 47 days.  I feel wonderful, and this is probably the best I’ve looked in a few years. 

I think it’s based on the fact that I’m paying attention to HOW I move rather than how much, how heavy, how fast or how many of anything I’m doing.

I am focused on what I do for an hour, and it IS. called WORKING out or TRAINING.  Both terms imply that you should be somewhat attentive and focused.  When that happens, results start to go your way.

Even when we want the answer to be simple and the thing that we WANT to do rather than the thing we know we SHOULD be doing, it’s up to us to apply what we know to be true, helpful and the right direction.  Oddly enough, this predicament we are in has made me even more understanding of the importance of the parts people want to skip to get to the “meat” of their workouts.  That perceived “meat” at certain demographics, might just actually be dessert in disguise.

It may not be the priority that we think it is.  Don’t get me wrong, it IS important, but it may just be a little lower on the priority tower than we think, especially if you don’t have pain free movement in the first place. 

Most times, adding weight to something that hurts doesn’t make it hurt less.