Exercise. We exercise to get out of pain. We exercise to increase the ability to move. We exercise to burn calories, but right now, that’s not the important stuff. Increasing quality of life is important. No nagging injuries or chronic pain is important. How do we get there? Exercise, right? Right. And of course, you know all the exercises to do to get out of chronic pain, right? You know all the exercises to do to always have nothing wrong with you, right? We do our balance exercises, we do our stability movements, we do agility training and we strengthen our legs and upper body so we can move well and move often. But do you know that what you are doing might be hurting you?

Let me explain. We all start off with good intentions. I know that balance exercises should be implemented into my fitness routine. That’s a given. If I don’t have them, how can i decrease my risk of something happening to my knees when I squat? Or my back. Or my hips. Ok. Stability. Got it. But do you? Let me help in telling you a story about how a stability exercise can actually increase your risk of getting hurt by doing the stability exercise.

I get it. “But Tony! That don’t make no sense!” On the surface, you’re correct. It does not make any sense that actually doing stability exercises contributes to pain. When you take a closer look at how the stability exercise is being done though, we find out that in fact, it can and WILL contribute to pain.

After watching the video, it is pretty evident that if you aren’t being particular in HOW you move, you won’t benefit from moving. We always want to go hard, but going WELL might be the play here.