A couple of days ago on facebook, I asked a question. That question was this: “Do you work out? If not tell me why.” I got loads of responses on this topic. Now, most people who follow me, work out in some sort of capacity. Some people are looking for motivation to work out, and some people are workout studs and studettes. Yeah, I just made that word up. But I also said following the question, that I am curious to hear the reasons, and I think I can come up with solutions to their problems. Oh yeah, by the way, big thanks to Jay-Z for making that song so I could use it as a title for my blog. I can’t remember if “fitness” was the thing he said wasn’t one of his problems. Might have been something else. Anyway. I am going to suggest a few things to a few of the responses I received on facebook. One of the first responses was probably one of the most misunderstood and difficult reasons for working out. A guy has been battling cancer, and hasn’t found a trainer who won’t ease him into the workouts. Although it’s a scary thing to come by, it’s going to be tough at first. He’s just got to keep looking for someone who can help him the way he wants to be helped. Working out can be VERY beneficial to people inflicted with cancer. There are countless stories about people beating cancer, by following great exercise programs, and a healthy diet. Obviously it isn’t going to be easy, but if you get with the right support group, exercise SHOULD be a part of your rehab. Another big one was basically a complaint of no time. To me, i don’t want to offend anyone, but I don’t buy the “no time” excuse. If you have time to have fun, watch tv, go out at night, go to restaurants, concerts, WATCH athletic events, you are telling me you have time right there. You have kids, take them on bike rides if they are old enough. A dog, take your furry kid on a walk or jog. I know a guy who gets home from work around 7 or 8 pm, just in time to spend a few hours with his kids. He always uses it doing something interactive. It’s great for him, AND his children. What if your little boy or girl is a baby? I think that’s almost easier. Unless you have severe attachment issues, you WILL NOT be holding that kid 24 hours a day. My brother has a baby. That baby has this thing called a cradle. He also has this thing called a swing. And a stroller. Point is. While that baby is in the cradle, what is stopping you from doing 5 pushups every few minutes? Or jumping jacks? Or take it up a notch and do mountain climbers. YOU. You are the only thing stopping you. Your energy put into exercise, will give you energy outside of exercise. You won’t feel exhausted all the time. Trust me! There were also some “reasons” I would like to call, LAZINESS. A few people flat out admitted that. Well, here is my advice. Find a reason you shouldn’t be lazy. Whether you want to look good for the summer, or your health, or getting a boyfriend or girlfriend. Find a reason to work out. Barring injury, nothing bad can come out of it. As for the person who doesn’t like to get hot and sweaty, she lives in Las Vegas. It’s hot and sweaty here without working out. Might as well get some benefit out of being hot and sweaty.