What is the 8 Week Challenge? It’s 8 weeks, of you changing your life. It’s that simple. But that won’t tell you what you want to hear. A shorty summary of this is what you want to hear. So here it goes. This Challenge is developed for people who want to form healthy habits, change the way they eat, exercise and LIVE. The Challenge holds you accountable through fitness and food logging, as well as your peers. A timeline of The Challenge would go something like this: Day 1: Get “before” pictures taken, take measurements such as bodyfat and circumference measurements, do tests like pushups and shuttle runs, prepare to kick butt. Week 2: After kicking butt for a couple weeks, and listening to the nutrition seminar, have your nutrition plan mapped out, and remeasure for a progress report. Week 4: Hitting the halfway point, you learn about foam rolling, have read articles on the facebook page designed for The Challenge, you now have an arsenal of healthy meals to choose from, as well as workouts on the go. By the way, you are still kicking butt. Week 6: We take our last progress report before the big finale, and amp up your group workouts even more, knowing you are considerably stronger, through working hard in the classes, as well as fueling your body with the right nutrients after learning from Michelle, the RD for The Challenge. Week 8: You’ve kicked butt, and now it’s time to show it. Final Measurements happen, which is the same exact process as the initial measurements… “After” picture, body fat, circumference measurements as well as final physical testing. Prizes have been given out for hardest worker, most consistent, most motivational and Cleanest Eater. you rejoice in winning every single prize! Isn’t it about time you sign up? The Challenge starts this Sunday, from 11-4 pm we are open for testing at the studio. Go to the “events” page to register here.