Here’s a quick superset workout that is sure to get you a full body workout with strength, mobility, agility, and cardio.  Rotational movements abound!  TCPT member Jenn Moses gets through one round of this bad boy featuring the Vipr, TRX, a kettlebell, and the new Bosu Elite.  You can use one round as a finisher or do a few rounds as your full workout.  Make sure to get the most out of each movement, and key in on the patterns.  If you are looking for something that will burn fat, build strength and increase mobility, this sequence delivers.  The order isn’t necessarily interchangeable, but if needed you can switch up the first two movements.  Have fun with this, and remember to choose appropriate weights for each movement.

ViPR Overhead Swinging Lunge-  Make sure the arms stay straight throughout the movement.  The speed you move the ViPR at will either increase or decrease the intensity.

Kettlebell Squat, Press and Rotation-  Rotate at the torso on the way up, while keeping a straight press with the kettlebell.

TRX Row and Throw-  Think “squat and row” but explosive enough to rotate and “throw” the TRX behind you.

Bosu Elite Pop Up and Run-  Pop up from the pushup position, with the foot outside the Bosu Elite forward for safety reason.

Sometimes all we need is 10-15 minutes to get ourselves an amazing workout.  This one will do that.  3 rounds, 2 minutes rest in between rounds, and you’ll be done under 20 minutes.  No more using the excuse “I don’t have time” when you can fit something this good in the amount of time it takes to scroll through facebook.  If you feel light headed during any of this workout, make sure to take a breath, walk around and regroup.  It’s more than you’ll be used to, and you need to tackle this SLOWLY.  Most of these moves are advanced and require FOCUS.  These aren’t moves you can phone in.  You’ll have to be dedicated to quality rather than repetitions.  Have fun, and be safe!