Most people hate “eating healthy”.  Sometimes I’m one of them.   It doesn’t have to be all asparagus and dry turkey breast with no flavor.  I’m going to give you three tips you can use right now, today, and be on your way to a healthier lifestyle without staying so much about not having your chocolate fix. 

1.  Add ONE Vegetable a Day 

Most people actually don’t get ANY servings of vegetables a day on a consistent basis.  Hard to believe, right?  Not really.  If you are getting just one serving of veggies in every day, you are ahead of over HALF the population.  Here’s the great thing:  you can make it whatever vegetables you want (French fries don’t count).  You don’t have to eat broccoli if you hate it.  If carrots are something you can stomach, load up.  Getting into vegetables you don’t like will only make you less likely to keep it up. 
2.  Fruit Won’t Kill You

We like to talk about how sugar is killing everyone.   When did you see an otherwise healthy  person O.D. on fuji apples?  Usually the excess of sugar comes from our processed, nutrient deficient food supply and not the things that are of the earth.  Want something sweet?  Figure out what fruits are for you, and chomp away. 

3.  Your Excess Calories Are Coming From… 

If you said processed food, you are again, ahead of the curve.  Besides nuts, most of the earth foods and calorically dense enough to screw you over.  What the common theme among most of them is that they are NUTRIENT dense.  That is a very good thing, and the more of those foods you can get into your body, the better off it will be in the long run.  While processed foods will blast their packaging with slick marketing and promises of “low calorie”  and “with vitamin c”  claims, they are a far cry from a viable substitute for the real deal. 

Bottom line: more vegetables, more fruits, more foods that are minimally processed, and you’ll have increased health pretty much immediately.