How is your workout working out for you?  Seeing the results you want, or just sweating because you do a lot?  Maybe it’s a little of both? Maybe it is neither? 

Maybe you don’t know if your workout is actually doing anything because the only way you track it is how tired or sore you are after it?  That IS one way to measure your workout plan, but it is a pretty poor one, if we are looking at the basic tenets of fitness if we are looking to physically change our bodies.

Maybe you’ve been doing it for years and still don’t see any difference and you don’t want to blame it on your food choices?  Maybe your food actually IS The problem, but you don’t know because you don’t really track that either, so you are in this weird space where you want to lose weight but you aren’t willing to pay attention to what could be helping or hurting so you just kinda decide that you “don’t look too bad” and put those higher waisted pants on or that looser fitting shirt and then talk about how you don’t know what it is, but you can’t seem to lose weight or you need to get back on track, but you don’t know where the track is because you never tracked anything.

-Know What You Eat
-Know How You Work Out
-Understand How Much Rest You Get

-Quit “Shotgunning” Your Fitness if you actually want it to change something.
-Awareness is a component of wellness that we may be ignoring to our own detriment or stagnation

-Be Cognizant Of Your Wellness Program
-Do Workouts That Are Organized And Progressive Over Time
-Understand Basics Of Nutrition And Food As A Fuel Source That Directly Correlates To Your Performance And Results