We all have those little aches and pains throughout our bodies, am I right? Maybe you have a knew that just won’t quit pinching when you squat or lunge. Maybe it’s your back when you do deadlifts. Maybe it’s just a cranky shoulder on bench press. As we age, those things we used to work past start to get in the way of things that we could otherwise do really simply. We just shrug it off as that’s the”new normal”. So you go on squatting or deadlifting our benching, with just a tiny bit of discomfort. Bad move.


The problem here: You are ignoring the warnings your body is giving you. That pain isn’t the new normal you would like it to be. See, your body is pretty intelligent and when it introduces a small tinge of pain like that, it’s trying to tell YOU something. Usually that something is “hey. There’s an issue here. If we don’t address it, you’re screwed”. That’s actually awfully nice of your body huh? Telling you when something isn’t working right before it totally collapses. Maybe that shoulder issue is something we should look at before going for that max bench, huh?

We all want to just go after it in the new year, no holds barred! Slow down there, little fella! If there is pain, discomfort, or even a “different” feeling, you’ll want to check that out and ask WHY is that the case. Without doing that and moving on to the”big stuff”, you are just asking too be put on the sidelines sooner than later.

It takes a lot of filtering the ego to realize you are not ready to jump in on heavy front squat days, either because your knee is trying to tell you no, or you haven’t earned the right to do it yet, but if you want lasting and permanent results, you’ll have to learn how to temporarily back it up and develop better movement or pain free movement before you go on.

We all would LOVE to start off with a bang, but we’d rather not have that bang be a hand grenade to our bodies that totally obliterates it. Train smarter, so you can train longer.