Happy New Year!   One of my goals for the new year is to be more active with my blogs.  I want to find a space where I can talk about fitness stuff and my gripes about the industry besides Facebook.  I realized that I actually have my own website, so this is the perfect place!  I’m going to promise 2016 has more content on my website than you’ve seen ever.  This includes videos, blog posts and sometimes podcasts.   I know that for whatever reason, people will watch a video of someone talking more than they will actually just listen to them, which is really odd to me, but I’ll stick with as many videos as possible for you guys.  With that being said, I’d love to know what it is in fitness that YOU guys want to talk about this year?  You know I’ll be posting my Trx and WeckMethod videos, as well as some kettlebell stuff and ViPR too!   We’ve got more classes at TCPT, so that’s fun, and we’ll be doing some new, interesting challenges as well.  2016 is going to be the year YOU improve.  Improving doesn’t mean you are unhappy with your life, it just means you want to progress.  More enlightenment isn’t a bad thing, so don’t be ashamed if you have new goals, just do things to make those happen!