There is obviously a lot that goes into reaching goals.  Whether it’s learning something new, eating healthy, getting better at your job, there are two skills some people do not realize are skills.  Most people think they are just ingrained in some people, but not in others.  I’m here to tell you, that is dead wrong.  These next two skills, anyone can have, but you have to WORK at them.

1. Motivation-  Most people think some people are just innately motivated or they can draw motivation at the drop of a hat.  Thing is, you have to continuously work to have that motivation.  What drives you can play a major role in whether or not you get done what you planned on getting done.  You have to constantly remind yourself of what it is you are reaching for, and WHY.  If you forget the goal, or WHY you are going towards the goal, you likely won’t get there.  Motivation has to be drawn upon all the time, or else it wanes.  You have to teach yourself to always have the driver at the top of your mind.  Once you get that down, motivation is easy.  Keeping it top of mind is the hard part.

2. Willpower-  This one is interesting.  Although we run out of it, you can replenish it.  No one just HAS great willpower.  They were taught to have it.  Patience helps… a lot.  If you equate hard, persistent work with rewards, then you are more likely going to have the patience to see out your goal.  Understand that everything has a cumulative effect and you can gain willpower the more you engage with it.

Use the momentum of both of these things, and practice them constantly to get the most benefit from both of these critical skills.  Your body and life will thank you!