Move well, then move often.  That’s how you progress.   Don’t do 100 reps sub par when 10 reps done well will be better for you and more beneficial for you.  

Imagine if a basketball player said “I shoot 500 threes a day”  and missed 494 of them.  Would we consider him doing well?  Would we consider that productive?  Maybe, if he started missing 492, then 445, then 422.  He’s showing progress, I suppose.  More than likely, he needs to move closer to the basket and get those shots falling in on a consistent basis, then start stepping out further.

Imagine if a kid takes a test and brags about answering all the questions in the fastest time..but only 10% of the answers are correct.  Was that the goal, or was doing well on the test to show knowledge gained the answer?

Those situations seem ridiculous, right?  But are they that ridiculous?

We do this all the time without our physical health.

We get obsessed with a number.

“I bench 315″… you forgot to say “poorly, so that my shoulders always hurt”

“I finished the workout in 20 minutes”… you forgot to say “but I did half reps to be faster than everyone else”

“I did over 100 reps”… you forgot to say “not the way that it should be done, but the way I could get to 100”

Why is this who we are when it comes to our progress with physical health?  More reps or weight or faster time is better WITHOUT regard to how well you did any of it?  I preach this in the gym every day and STILL see it in our studio.  I can only imagine what it looks like outside of it.

Slow down.  I promise you’ll get better results when you do things BETTER first, not faster or heavier.