Don’t let anything come between you and your health. You can pretend it shouldn’t be priority number ONE, but if you do that, where does that leave you when it is gone?

Are you able to care for others? Are you able to fully enjoy your life in poor health? We tend to put other things in front of our own health, when in reality, that is LITERALLY putting the cart in front of the horse.

The horse (your health) allows the cart (your other responsibilities like kids, job, projects) to move along. If the horse has a bad leg, that’s going to be a lot slower moving. If the horse feels under the weather, same deal. If the horse is unable to move well, good luck getting anywhere with the cart.

Imagine you are on a long journey (life). How prepared is your horse to take you and all of your posessions (your kids, your job, spouse, parents, happiness, etc.) on that long, winding road?