You must plan your health and fitness just like you plan anything else in your life you aim to be successful with. In our adult lives, things become either one of two things. Things you HAVE to do, or things you’d “LIKE” to do. Generally, the things you’d “like” to do get put off… a lot. They turn into things you “didn’t have time for”. Then, because they aren’t consistent, become ineffective and less valuable.

So many times people don’t sign up for class at the Training Center. They show up and tell me they weren’t sure they were going to be able to come or make it. I’m not saying this is the case always, as things do happen, but playing this side of it, you have come to the agreement that the very act of being not sure you can make it means you are in fact not making this a priority. Your health is now a “if I can get around to it” scenario. It isn’t part of your schedule. It happens if you have extra time. Health becomes a hobby, much like Netflix, video games, etc. I love video games, but I don’t play them often. That’s why, when I play with my 11 year old nephew, he calls me a “bot”. It basically means i’m well below average at performing. I don’t play often enough to get much better and as the game evolves, I do not. Get the analogy?

If we don’t schedule and make this thing a habit, it isn’t going to pay you anything back in ROI. I see far too often sporadic visits in the gym and it is a pretty common thing society-wide. It’s part of why you see most of the country overweight and obese. Physical activity is looked down upon, which will ultimately decimate your health.

Schedule your workouts, commit to them, and show up. Those are the first steps to actually get anything out of exercise.