So, being a personal trainer in Las Vegas, of all places, I run into a lot of different types of clients. I have a waitress from a nightclub, an engineer, a “dancer” , A promotional model, a valet attendant, and a customer service rep to name a few. Obviously, they all have different jobs, and they all have different personalities. They all work out for different reasons, and they all have different motivational factors for getting their six pack. This brings me to ask the question in the title of this blog. What workout person are you? The following explains some of the types I’ve seen over the years.. The Spring Breaker: This is my favorite one. These people, don’t know what the word gym is, until about February of every year. They will be the ones who are about 30 pounds overweight, and they’ll say, “Yeah, I gotta get in shape for Cancun/Acapulco/Panama City/Miami/Iran.” Ha ha.. you haven’t done anything all YEAR, and you think a month is going to get you all ripped? The Overeager: This is someone who is just starting out, but they want fitness results asap, even though they have never really worked out. They will be the ones who are going PSYCHO on the elliptical for two and a half minutes, then pass out. Or they grab 25 pound dumbells when they can only handle 10 pound ones, and try to disgustingly get through ten bicep curls. The Meathead: Everyone knows one of these. All they do is stack on as much weight as possible, rest for 5 minutes between sets, and you will never see them on a cardio machine. It’s all about getting big, no matter what the cost. I see this TONS in Las Vegas. The Princess: Another favorite of mine. This is a girl who says they go to the gym every day, but they don’t work out. They say, “Yeah, I’m working out with a personal trainer now.” and all they really want to do is let people know they are at the gym. They wear their pink Juicy outfits, and their Gucci shoes……. To WORK OUT! Seriously. It takes a lot for me to not ask them why they are wasting their time. The Fitness Buff: Not all of these types are bad. Here is a healthy, normal one. This is the type of person who goes in the gym, tries to keep talking to a minimum, and leaves with sweat dripping down their forehead. They don’t necessarily wear anything in particular, just stuff they don’t care to mess up. Some people find them intimidating or maybe think they are a-holes, but for the most part, they aren’t. They just want to get in a great workout, and it seems like they are too cool to talk. Well, they are in a gym. They aren’t at any particular nightclub. So, let them workout, and say hi when you see them outside the gym. Anyway. I have a few more types that i could write about, but I’ll save those for another post. If you aren’t one of these, maybe you are one of a kind… Or maybe i just haven’t put the other types on this list. Anyway.. Have a good laugh at some of these, as I’m sure all of you know a person in each category.