As I was standing around finishing my workout the other day, listening to Kesha and Miley Cyrus, I thought about something. Maybe if I listened to music that was actually good, my workouts would even be better than they are now. I myself, am a fan of music like John Legend, and Anthony Hamilton, Brian McKnight and Musiq. Some of you are probably like, “who?”. Anyway, I like to listen to love songs when I work out. Don’t know why. But on to my point. If I listened to music that would get me all hyper, my lifts would probably be stronger, and my workout would probably be better. So here are a few things to consider when choosing music to work out to. 1. Make the songs upbeat. Anything with energy, will most likely transfer some energy to you. Think, Black Eyed Peas. 2. Make them angry songs. Any song that hits hard, will fire up your emotions, and you will temporarily be stronger. Eminem’s Lose Yourself is good for this. 3. Make the songs motivational. Eye of The Tiger. Enough said. 4. Have the songs be songs you like. It sucks when you make a playlist, only to come to a song that come on you just wanna skip. Enjoy every song you put on your playlist, so you don’t have to break up the workout to find ones you do. There you have it. Some rules to go by when you want to make a workout playlist. Now, back to Tik Tok and Party in The USA!