This is not a positive review.  I’ll probably update as this show goes on, but right now, I”m in the middle of watching the new show on Bravo TV, Work Out New York.  This has NOTHING to do with working out, and so far, what I’ve seen is horrible.  Squats in the Smith Machine?  WHAT?  Also, it’s just about trainers around other trainers so far.  It’s like they rented out an apartment gym and said “Hey!  You 5 trainers over there!  Let’s make up some back stories about you guys and have you all hang out!”

So far it seems pretty scripted, but I’m just 18 minutes in.  There are distinct personalities for sure.  I think they are a little overblown, but that’s TV for you.  The one I see as a possibility as a pretty good trainer based on what the show is showing you is Holly.  She seems like she’s got her head on her shoulders, and is reasonably intelligent.  Which makes you wonder why she is on the show in the first place.  I feel bad because TV is a very hard thing to turn down because that’s where we all feel we’ll get our big break (I fell for it!), so I can’t make judgements on the realness of these people.  Knowing reality TV, there isn’t much reality to it, but so far, this isn’t very representational of the trainers I’ve encountered in my travels to places like Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

I will say this.  When I worked in a commercial setting in Chicago, we actually all did hang out, and it was slightly clicky, so there is some accuracy there.  There is also a guy on here who has 429 pairs of shoes.  I can relate to that.  He should read Everything That Remains.  Maybe rethink all that.

I’m watching them do a spinning class that Holly is teaching.  The girl names Lena isn’t even sweating, so I’m assuming she didn’t do the whole class, or she didn’t really give it a go.  You can tell though that Holly is the most put together of the crew so far though.  Maybe there’s more to learn.  So far, the others are just “personalities”.  That’s the unfortunate part about TV.  This show gives you the flamboyant gay man, the sexual female trainer, the fiery trainer, the metrosexual male, the lesbian leader, and the insecure boyfriend… All in one show.  This to me is basically a remake of the Work Out show with Jackie Warner years back.  I did like that show though.

I hate reality TV, but I think I’ll keep watching, to see how this show progresses and how they stereotype trainers.  We shall see.