Most of the people who come to Tony Cress Training Center understand what we do and why we do it. Some of the movements, tools, and philosophies we use seem slightly unorthodox when you compare them to traditional training methods. I’d like to think we are ahead of the curve on training modalities and effective strategies top help people move better, become stronger and keep themselves from getting injured while doing it. I mean, we did have TRX LONG before anyone in Las Vegas, we started the WeckMethod movement and we are STILL the only place in Las Vegas with loaded movement training (ViPR).

With that being said, some people still don’t understand the biomechanics of movement and how QUALITY plays such a big role in the integrity of your bodily function. If you don’t move well, you won’t be moving for long… period. This may not be important to people UNTIL they can’t move well, and even then, sometimes it is ignored. I’d like to show you a video of Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua and how he trains. Note ALL the different directions he trains in, movement modalities and tools. Then note how RIDICULOUSLY jacked this dude is. THEN compare what he does, to what we do at TCTC.

Notice any similarities?