You may be doing pushups every day at your workouts.  Let me ask you this.  Does your chest touch the floor every time down, or is your “down” somewhere between 6 and 12 inches away from contact?  If the answer is the latter, you’ll need to check out this video.

Essentially, if you aren’t challenging the floor on your pushups, you aren’t getting much stronger.  You have to get past the breaking point on a pushup to get stronger.  Let me explain, by posting a video of myself:)

This might be a small amount of explaining exactly how to do a pushup well, but these are just the standards that will help you improve your pushing strength and decrease the risk of injury.  Is it going to make you feel like you aren’t very strong?  Possibly, if your whole goal is to go up and down.  But if your goal is to get strong, this should only prove to HELP you with what you are looking for.  Take the ego out of your training, and be susceptible to learning and growing.  This doesn’t just apply to push-ups, but to all training.