There is something to be said about working out in a group. The camaraderie, the intensified environment, the competition. All are advantages to exercising with people rather than just your lonesome. Different levels for the same goal. I’ll be honest, I prefer working with people one on one, because I can then really get into their mindset and how to help them further accomplish their goals. It’s a little more difficult in a group setting, because we sometimes have almost twenty people in some of our group workouts. With that being said, how many is too many? When you have thirty people in a class, with one instructor, how much instruction are you actually getting. I’ve been to classes on the Las Vegas valley, where I am one of 40 people. Now, being the professional that I am ;p, I watched the classes, more than I paid attention to my own workout. If you are expecting to learn a lot, I have bad news for you. You won’t. You have to look at it on terms of things like the school system. If there are many in a class, the learning is really watered down. That’s kind of how I felt in these classes. Of course you can get a workout in. The very fact that you are moving, will make you sweat, but any individual instruction you get will be purely based on luck. With that being said, take that into account when choosing where you go for your fitness. If you just want to move around, any commercial gym with classes will do. If you want to learn, and get better, look into smaller, more personalized studios. If they take more than twenty a class, consider it commercial. Trying to just herd people in and out, is not my idea of instruction. It’s not bad, it’s just not what I like.

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