I’m going to take a guess at why you don’t work out. Most people have reasons TO work out, and that’s all well and good. I’m not going to try to convince you your reasons are wrong, I’m just going to state facts. 1. You Don’t Feel Like It- I’ve been there. Working out takes some energy. It’s much more enjoyable and relaxing watching episodes of the voice, and cheering on your favorite football team, who can do things athletically that you can’t, because you don’t put effort towards it. 2. You Think Six Packs Are Gross- Not everybody was meant to have one right? And they are all like, bumpy and stuff. It’s much better to have that smooth, even, round belly. And because, at least you won’t offend anyone or bruise their ego because of your six pack. 3. You Don’t Want To Get Bulky- I see it time and time again. Girl walks into a gym with the intention of just toning her arms up a little bit and losing her love handles, and comes out looking like The Rock from Pain and Gain. Just like celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson says, “If it’s over two pounds, it’s too heavy”. Your legs grow really quick. I get it. Simmer down girl! 4. Breaking Bad Is Too Important- The show is AWESOME. You can’t miss an episode… Which is once a week… for an hour. In case they change the time from Sundays, you want to be ready! 5. It’s Your Birthday- Or Tim’s birthday, or John’s bachelor party, or a special event at XS, or the Super Bowl, or March Madness, or your friends are in town, or you’ve got a big client in town, or your parents are here. I get it. They ALL only happen very rarely, every week. 6. Your Kids Won’t Allow It- You can’t work out. Your kids dictate your life. Every hour. Even when they are asleep. Even when they are at school. Even when they are at practice, occupied for two hours at a time. 7. It’s Cold Outside!- You work out indoors, but it’s just much too cold to walk to your car, to go into a gym that has regulated heating, or cooling, to work out. You don’t want to get sick! 8. It Makes You Sweaty- That’s just Gross. And then your close get all sweaty, and wet, and stink and stuff. Ewwww…… 9. It’s Hard!- Those weights are heavy, and you get tired lifting them. And then on the bikes and treadmills, you get out of breath. You can’t win when you go to the gym! 10. You Want To Be Fat And Happy- You are only here for a certain amount of time. You want to spend that time being gluttonous and obese. Why wouldn’t you love not being able to be active enough to watch your kids grow up?! There are 10 Reasons not to work out. I’m sure you can add more, but please don’t:)